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100 years of Trust, Professionalism and Expertise

JTB was founded in 1912 with a mission to invite and serve the needs of visitors from overseas. As the Japanese economy expanded, demand for travel increased among the Japanese people, and JTB grew too. JTB is a leading figure in the history of the Japanese travel industry and the formation of Japan’s travel culture.
Over the years JTB has acquired a diverse wealth of travel expertise, gathered not only by its well-informed and professional staff but also by its numerous Group companies operating a wide array of business models.
Today JTB has grown to become Asia’s No. 1 travel agent, with offices in 34 countries and regions worldwide. Its longstanding relationships with customers and business partners have made JTB a company that people trust and look to for great results.

Headquarters, Japan Tourist Bureau, 1912

Headquarters, Japan Tourist Bureau, 1912
Source: Japan Travel Bureau Semicentennial history


1912 Mar.
On March 12, the Japan Tourist Bureau is established, taking on the mission of the “Kihinkai.”
1963 Nov.
Japan Travel Bureau Inc. is established.
1964 Mar.
Sunrise Tours launched on the inbound travel market.
1968 Jun.
The LOOK brand is launched.
1971 Jan.
Sales through the ACE brand are launched.
1989 Jul.
Establishment of JI Accident & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., in a joint venture with AIG of the United States.
2000 Feb.
JTB Benefit Service Corp. is established to handle the outsourcing of welfare and other benefits.
2000 Mar.
Tavigator Inc. is established by Yahoo and the Softbank Group as an online travel ticket sales agency. Dec. JTB-CWT Business Travel Solutions, Inc., is established as a business travel company, in a joint venture with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT).
2007 Apr.
Opens website "" to provide online multilingual services for overseas visitors to Japan.
Creates joint Nice Gift vouchers with JCB Co., Ltd. valid at 500,000 retailers throughout Japan.
2008 Jan.
Acquisition of shares in Tumlare Group.
2010 Dec.
“Rurubu” is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records™ as the largest selling travel guide series in the world.
2011 Apr.
Formulation of a new Group brand message, “The JTB Way.”
2011 May.
In China, New Century International Tour Co., Ltd. acquires permission for overseas travel sales to People’s Republic of China citizens. In September of the same year, the company starts to sell the travel product, “Youyi.”
2012 Mar.
100th anniversary of JTB establishment


No. 1 in Scale of Operations in Asia

JTB is one of the world’s largest travel companies in terms of net sales. We are Asia’s leader in the global travel industry.

Company Profile

Trade Name
JTB Corp
(Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No. 64)
Head Office
JTB Building., 2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date of Establishment
November 12, 1963 (Date of Foundation: March 12, 1912)
2,304,000,000 yen (Authorized Capital: 3,200,000,000)
President & CEO
Hiroyuki Takahashi
25,516 (JTB Group employees as of March 31, 2013)
Business purpose
To operate a business as a holding company mostly in the travel industry, with group companies dealing in travel-related business

FY2009-2013: Performance Highlights

FY2009 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013
Millions of Yen
Annual turnover 1,121,280 1,166,680 1,136,980 1,235,453 1,305,165
Gross profit 249,650 257,221 249,407 267,096 273,585
Ordinary income -1,668 7,372 12,694 18,494 15,438
Net income -14,557 5,048 3,347 8,624 7,589
Gross assets 520,329 501,479 552,400 586,330 579,616
Net assets 119,200 119,204 123,602 141,908 131,347


JTB Group Philosophy

Through creation of multicultural human exchange contribute to harmony and understanding throughout the global society.

Our Promise

JTB Group mission is to bring satisfying and joyful experiences to customers through creation of opportunities providing multicultural exchange and understanding with people,nature and history in the global environment based on 100 years of serving customers with the objective to enhance their lifestyle quality.

Brand Slogan

Perfect moments, always
Our commitment to always be by our customers' side, to help plan and create perfect moment that move and satisfy.


The JTB Group covers every aspect of travel from sales to service at the destination. Our integrated Destination Management Company network both sends off and welcomes international travelers everywhere.

The JTB global network extends to 516 offices in 100 cities, covering 36 countries and regions.
With roots in countries around the world and deep understanding and affection for the cultures of those regions, JTB employees foster cultural exchange, telling the world about the many attractions of the places in which they serve. JTB offices are no mere land operators, but vital hubs that both send off and welcome international travelers. Wherever in the world our customers are coming from or heading to, JTB is proud to handle all aspects of the travel business. With a proprietary network that spans the globe, the JTB global network is that rare group of companies can provide all the travel services customers desire, all around the world.