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The United States of America (USA) is a federal republic that spans across the central portion of the continent of North America. The nation’s capital is Washington D.C. The USA is made up of 50 states, including New York, California and Texas. It is a large nation both in terms of area (962.8 million square kilometers) and population (over 300 million). The USA is rich in regional diversity. The East Coast is rich in history and home to cosmopolitan cities such as New York City and Washington D.C., while the West Coast (Los Angeles, etc.) is famous for its open, laid-back culture. Most of the nation enjoys a temperate climate with four clearly-defined seasons. Exceptions exist, however, including the sub-tropical climate in the south, the subarctic climate in the north, and the arid regions of the western United States. The Americas (the New World) were discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who reached the shores of the West Indies in 1492, heralding the beginning of the era of European pioneering and settlement. In addition to indigenous peoples (Native Americans), the people of the United States are primarily descendants of European immigrants and slaves brought to the New World from Africa as part of the slave trade. Following the War of Independence, which began in 1775 between Great Britain and its 13 colonies, the USA declared its independence on July 4, 1776. The 13 states were officially recognized as independent under the Treaty of Paris of 1783. The USA is a world leader in a wide range of domains, including international politics, commerce and pop culture.


  • Firehouse 8 cooking image

    IT Company from Latin America


    -Feb. 2015

    -80 Guests from LATIN AMERICA

    Special arrangements : Cooking class as farewell dinner at Firehouse 8 

    Content:  We have been working with the event company called Boa Evento in Sao Paulo for the past 3 years and we handle land operation for their major clients, famous IT company Latin America.

    Since they have been in San Francisco for the past two times, they wanted to do something different this time. All the participants enjoyed the ideas of cooking own dinner for farewell dinner at the beautiful Firehouse 8 in San Francisco. Client from Latin America prefer more relaxed itinerary than clients from Asia, they enjoyed 2 hours city tour of San Francisco with chartered classic cable car, Also private wine tasting at Robert Mondavi and Lunch at Culinary Institute of America was very successful.


  • TPI America

    Address:19700 Mariner Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503