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The State of Hawaii is located almost exactly at the center of the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian island chain stretches from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (Midway, etc.) to the Island of Hawaii (the “Big Island”). These islands were formed as the result of undersea volcanic eruptions some five million years ago. Once formed, the islands were carried along in a northwesterly direction by the tectonic motion of the Pacific Plate. Many of the Hawaiian Islands are still volcanically active to this date. With its warm subtropical climate, Hawaii has established a global reputation as a premier resort destination. The population of Hawaii is approximately 1,200,000. English is the State’s official language. There was a time when the Hawaiian language was banned in the Islands. However, Hawaiian is now taught in the State’s schools as part of a conscious effort to preserve and pass down the Hawaiian culture to future generations. The precise history of the Native Hawaiians is not clear as they did not possess a written language to record historical events. However, voyagers from Polynesia and the Marquesas are believed to have been the first to migrate to the islands sometime around the 6th century. The Hawaiian dynasty was established in 1810 by King Kamehameha the Great. The islands later flourished as a whaling port for U.S. whaling fleets, which helped to accelerate the pace of modernization. With the arrival of migrant workers from China, Japan and other countries, Hawaii soon developed into a complex cultural melting pot. The Republic of Hawaii was formed in 1894, marking the end of the Hawaiian monarchy. In 1959, Hawaii was annexed by the United States and became the 50th state of the Union.


  • hawaii01

    Japanese Global Company Dealer Incentive Tour from CHINA to Hawaii.


    Approximately 80 guests from China.

    Special Award Ceremony with Oscar Award Theme was organized. The Award Trophy was made by the same company of the real Oscar Trophy.

    Special Arrangements & Reception were organized with the Corporate Company President performing as 007 James Bond at the Opening Stage.

    (In 2010)


  • JTB Global Travel Service, LLC | Honolulu

    Address:L3, 818 Pine Street, Honolulu, HI 96817-5072, USA