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In 2012, China’s GDP surpassed that of Japan, establishing China as the world’s second largest economic superpower. With its population of roughly 1.35 billion (2012), China is the most populous country on Earth. In terms of land area, China ranks as the world’s 3rd largest country with a surface area of 9.6 million square kilometers (roughly 6.4% of Earth’s total land area). China’s topography is characterized by the presence of the Himalayas in the west, the Great Plains on the Pacific Eastern Seaboard, and the Sichuan Basin and the Loess Plateau in between. The Changjiang (Yangtze) River is China’s longest river. From its source in the upcountry region of Qinghai Province, this mighty river runs 6,300 kilometers through 10 provinces, direct-controlled cities, and autonomous regions before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. The People’s Republic of China was established by the Communist Party of China led by Chairman Mao Zedong on October 1, 1949. The Communist Party of China continues to govern the nation to this day. The highest organ of state power in China is the National People’s Congress (NPC), which brings together elected delegates from every province, autonomous region and municipality in China. Administratively, the People’s Republic of China is divided into provinces, autonomous regions and “direct-controlled” municipalities, which in turn are further subdivided into towns, counties and districts. China is a multi-ethnic nation with 56 different ethnic groups. Ethnic Han account for 92% of the country’s population and the 55 other ethnic groups account for the remaining 8%. In order to maintain their unique cultural identities, minority groups are permitted to use their own languages and writing systems and to observe their own traditions and customs. Ethnic minorities are also exempt from China’s ‘One-Child’ policy of population control.


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    Technical Visit to Yangshen port according to their needs.


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