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Canada’s history dates back to the migration of tribes from Asia to the North American continent across a land bridge that is believed to have spanned the current day Bering Strait near the end of the last ice age some 20,000 years ago. By the time Columbus reached the shores of the New World in 1492, these indigenous peoples had already expanded their presence from Canada’s extreme north down to the island of Tierra del Fuego off the southernmost tip of South America. The Inuits were the next group to migrate into Canada. In the 15th century, France and England began to expand their presence in Canada. Both the French and the British continued to expand their Canadian territories until Canada at last fell under Great Britain’s rule pursuant to the Treaty of Paris of 1763. In 1867, the Autonomous Federal Dominion of Canada was formed based on legislation enacted by the British government. Canada obtained near total autonomy from Great Britain in 1931, marking the beginning of the Canada’s active participation in international affairs. Rich in natural beauty, Canada’s cities have for years been ranked by the United Nations among the world’s ‘most livable cities’. The people of Canada enjoy a high average lifespan. Canada possesses roughly 10% of the world’s forests which supply approximately 9% of the world’s renewable freshwater. Nearly one in every three Canadians earns his or her income from resource- or environmentally-related work. Canada has assumed a leadership role in environmental stewardship both domestically and internationally in an effort to ensure that its rich natural environment is preserved for future generations.


  • HK incentive-TPI Silkway1506

    Big Incentive Group from Hong Kong(Insurance Company)

    Around 1,000 guests from Hong Kong to Vancouver in June 2015. They had 5 days stay in Vancouver for meetings, gala dinner and city tours. Also, the top sales agents were awarded to have an extended 3-day post trip to Canadian Rockies.


  • TPI Silkway

    Address:8899 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V6X 3Z7